Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing 

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Important Dates

​   ▲  November 16, 2023: Last day to submit wreath sponsorship forms and money to Capt 

         Santos IN-PERSON during squadron meeting (Any wreath sponsorship made after this 

         date should be made online)

​   ▲  November 28, 2023: Deadline for ONLINE wreath sales to be counted for this year (any

         online wreath sponsorships purchased after this date will be counted towards next

         year's wreath sales) 

​   ▲  December 16, 2023: National Wreaths Across America Day. We will need support at

         Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery (11301 Crain Hwy, Cheltenham, MD 20623) to lay

         wreaths and distribute wreaths to other volunteers. We hope to see you there!

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This year our Squadron will continue to support the Wreaths Across America Campaign.  Wreaths Across America focuses on three goals:

​​​   ▲  REMEMBER our fallen U.S. veterans. 
   ▲  HONOR those who serve.
   ▲  TEACH our children the value of freedom.

It is a nationwide program, through which, individuals can sponsor holiday wreaths to be laid on Veteran's graves at participating locations across the nation and abroad on National Wreaths Across America Day which is observed annually on the third Saturday in December (this year on December 17th). These wreaths serve as a small tribute to these men and women for their sacrifices made in defense of our freedom. Civil Air Patrol is a national partner of Wreaths Across America and assists in selling wreath sponsorships and placing them on veteran graves. 

Wreath sponsorships sold by our squadron specifically support this effort at the Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery. With every wreath sponsorship we sell, another wreath will be laid at Cheltenham. Additionally, $5 of each $17 wreath sponsorship is returned to our Squadron as a donation.  This year, we have set a goal of sponsoring 22wreaths!  On National Wreaths Across America Day, December 16th, our Squadron will then assist in laying wreaths at Cheltenham and with the distribution of wreaths to other volunteers. 

We challenge each member to try and sell at least 5 wreath sponsorships.  The top cadet sponsors will receive a prize for their efforts.  Feel free to share with family members, friends, co-workers, etc!  Thank you in advance! 

Direct any questions or concerns toward Maj. Kristen Santos at ​ksantos@md.cap.gov

How to Sponsor a Remembrance Wreath

  1. Donate Online using our Squadron's Donation Page

    1. Click on the link at the top right of this webpage then click on the red "Donate" buttons

  2. ​​​Download and complete a sponsorship form

    1. ​​Click on the link at the top right of the webpage
    2. Hand in or send in completed forms to Capt. Jocelyn Santos to include in squadron's final mail-in submission package to Wreaths Across America in late November.

**NOTE: For cadet competition tracking purposes, cadets should encourage those sponsoring wreaths on their behalf to send an email to Maj. Kristen Santos at ksantos@md.cap.gov**

Click HERE for a Wreaths Across America fact sheet!