Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing 

Members are given the opportunity to receive training and learn about various aerospace topics and concepts. Opportunities available to members also include orientation flights, visits to Air and Space Museums, rocket launches, balloon launches, etc. Among the highlights of our Aerospace Education program are our high altitude weather balloon launch activity and our field trip to the world class Greenbank Radio Observatory in Greenbank, WV, both of which are conducted every other year on alternating years. 

Regular classes and activities are held each month during squadron meetings. Currently the cadets are working towards earning their model rocketry badges. 

Quick Facts About Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education

Educates adult and cadet members and the community on the importance of aerospace.
▲ Develops, publishes and distributes national academic standards-based STEM aerospace education
     curricula for kindergarten through college classrooms reaching about 500,000 K-12 students
Generates interest in STEM careers though aviation, space and technology focused activities and CAP
     "STEM Kits" associated with astronomy, flight simulations, model and remote-control aircraft, robotics,
     rocketry, weather, hydraulic engineering, computer programming, coding, circuitry and mathematics.
▲ Provides educators with 40+ free educational programs, products and services, including airplane
     orientation flights. 
Offers grant and college credit opportunities for adult and teacher members.
Provides aerospace support for educational conferences and workshops nationwide. 

Aerospace Education- Overview