Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing 

​​Squadron of Distinction

        Description:               An annual program established to recognize the top CAP composite or cadet squadron regionally and nationally for distinctive

                                            accomplishments in the cadet program during the preceding calendar year. 


        Years Awarded:         1974, 2007, 2011 (Region), 2012

Unit Citation

        Description:                Awarded to units for exceptionally meritorious service of exceptionally outstanding service that clearly sets the unit above and apart

                                             from other similar units.

        Years Awarded:         2008 (4th Award)

Quality Cadet Unit Award     
        Description:               Awarded to cadet or composite squadrons that displays strong program fundamentals. This award motivates squadrons to 
                                            pursue goals that will inevitably lead to having a vibrant Cadet Program

         Years Awarded:        2014-2023 (10 Consecutive Awards)

Squadron of Merit

        Description:               An annual award established to recognize the top cadet or composite squadron in each wing.


        Years Awarded:         2000, 2007, 2010, 2021

Maryland Wing Squadron of the Year 

        Description:               An annual award recognizing the overall top performing Squadron in the Wing.

        Years Awarded:        2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2015

Group 1 Squadron of the Year

        Description:               An annual award recognizing the overall top performing Squadron in Group 1.

        Years Awarded:        2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2020

Col Lawrence Trick Award

        Description:                Awarded for service above and beyond in support of Maryland Wing Cadet Programs. 

         Years Awarded:        2011

Aerospace Education Excellence Award

​        Description:                This award is presented to units that participate in an activity-based and voluntary aerospace/STEM education program that includes

                                             at least 6 aerospace activities and 1 STEM-related field experience.

        Years Awarded:         2009-2017, 2021-2023

Squadron Aerospace Education Achievement Award

        Description:                Awarded to Squadrons who have excelled in aerospace education throughout the year for both internal/external audiences.. 

        Years Awarded:          2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Middle East Region Col Dion E. DeCamp Ground Team of the Year

        Description:                Awarded excellence in emergency services.

        Years Awarded:         2008, 2016, 2017

Maryland Wing Ground Team of the Year

        Description:                Awarded for excellence in emergency services. 

        Years Awarded:         2016, 2017

National Cadet Competition

        Description:                Yearly competition where the top 2 color guard teams from each of the 8 regions compete. The last National Competition took place

                                              in 2023.

        Appearances:             2022 (16th Place), 2023 (7th Place)

Middle East Region/Mid-Atlantic Region Cadet Competition

          Description:              Annual competition where the top 2 color guard from each of the 7 wings compete. 

          Appearances:           2008 (3rd Place), 2009 (3rd Place Drill Team), 2010 (3rd Place Drill Team), 2014 (3rd Place), 2018 (3rd Place), 2022 (2nd/3rd Place) 2023

                                             (1st Place)

Maryland Wing Cadet Competition

        Description:               Annual competition where color guard from across the wing compete.

        Appearances:            2014, (1st Place), 2015 (1st Place), 2017, (3rd Place), 2018 (1st Place), 2019 (1st/2nd Place), 2020 (1st/2nd Place), 2022

                                             (1st/2nd Place), 2023 (1st/2nd Place), 2024 (1st/2nd Place)

Maryland Wing Warrior Challenge

         Description:               Annual competition were teams from across the wing compete in a modified combat fitness test, obstacle course, leadership

                                             reaction course, and simulated electronic search/direction-finding events.

        Appearances:            2020 (2nd Place), 2022 (3rd Place), 2023 (3rd Place)

​​​​​Unit Awards