Cadets and Senior Members have the opportunity to receive training in a variety of Emergency Services capacities including Ground Team, Mission Aircrew, Mission Support Staff, etc. 

Our Ground Search and Rescue Team has participated in a number of high profile missions throughout its history. Now, in conjunction with training opportunities received outside of the Squadron, our Emergency Services Personnel are trained and ready to respond missions in support of local, state and national emergency services efforts.  Our squadron's Ground Search and Rescue Team was also named as the 2016 Middle East Region Ground Team of the Year. 

Regular training takes places monthly at the squadron meeting and on weekends in order to maintain mission readiness and task proficiency. 

Quick Facts About Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services

Conducts 90 percent of inland search and rescue in the U.S. as tasked by the Air Force Rescue

     Coordination Center and other agencies.

Coordinates Air Force-assigned missions through CAP National Operations Center at Maxwell AFB, Ala.,

     at a cost of $120-$165 per flying hour. 

Trains almost 7,000 aircrew members and over 33,000 emergency responders to FEMA standards.

Provides 450 chaplains and 600 character development instructors who minister to youth and adult

     members and help comfort survivors and victims of disasters.

Provides air intercept training, impact assessment, light transport, communications support and low-

     level route surveys for the Air Force.

Performs highly specialized aerial imagery for disaster damage assessment and more to support local, state, and national agencies.

Transports time-sensitive medical materials, blood products and body tissues when commercial

     resources are unavailable.

Maintains an extensive nationwide VHF and HF communications network.

Emergency Services- Overview


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