Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing 

Maj. Kristen Santos

Education and Training/Supply Officer

2nd Lt. Richard Abbey

Warrior Challenge Coach

Capt. John Acevedo
Transportation Officer

2nd Lt. Chon Gann

Communications Officer

2nd Lt. Tania Abbey

Admin/Personnel Officer

1st Lt. Ronald Ramsaran

Color Guard Coach

Lt. Col. Kelly Washington 

Drug Demand Reduction Officer

2nd Lt. Janette Concepcion

​​Aerospace Education Officer

1st Lt. Jaison Pajaro 

Deputy Commander for Cadets


Logistics Officer


Health Services Officer

Maj. Victor Santos

Public Affairs Officer

Lt. Col. Steve Foster

Operations Officer

​1st Lt. Adrian Wright

IT/Web Security Officer


Deputy Commander for Seniors

Maj. Marc Sheinberg

Testing Officer

Maj. Victor Santos 

Squadron Commander

1st Lt. Ronald Ramsaran

Leadership Officer

1st Lt. Carlos Gonzalez

Emergency Services/Alerting Officer

Capt. Mia Humphries

Character Development Instructor

Capt. Jocelyn Santos

Finance Officer

Capt. Vanessa-Muniz-Medina

Emergency Services Training Officer

SM Edward Shields

CyberPatriot Coach

Special Assignments

Capt. Victor Salazar

O-Flight Coordinator


1st Lt. Adrian Wright

 Cadet Activities Officer

​Lt. Col. Jeremy Cheron 

Safety Officer

Cadet Staff

Senior Member Staff

Please note that only the Primary Senior Member in each staff section is listed.  



2nd Lt. Diana Malament