1st Lt. Richard Abbey

Squadron Commander

1st Lt. Richard Abbey

Recruiting and Retention Officer

1st Lt. Chon Gann

Communications Officer

1st Lt. Tania Abbey

Admin/Personnel Officer

Maj. Victor Santos

Color Guard Coach

Capt. Lawrence Gaulkin

​​Aerospace Education Officer

Maj. Victor Santos

Deputy Commander for Cadets

1st Lt. Dan Donahoe

Logistics Officer

Capt. Lawrence Gaulkin

Health Services Officer

Maj. Victor Santos

Public Affairs Officer

Lt. Col. Steve Foster

Operations Officer

Capt. Mia Humphries

Character Development Instructor

Senior Member Staff

Please note that only the Primary Senior Member in each staff section is listed.  




CyberPatriot Coach

Special Assignments

Capt. Victor Salazar

O-Flight Coordinator

2nd Lt. William Santos

Leadership Officer

1st Lt. Richard Abbey

Warrior Challenge Coach

Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing 

Maj. Marc Sheinberg

Testing Officer

SM Mark Sincevich

Cyber Education Officer



1st Lt. Lisa Markland

Asst Health Services Officer

Capt. John Acevedo
Transportation Officer



​​Emergency Services Training Officer

​Lt. Col. Jeremy Cheron 

Safety Officer

Capt. Jocelyn Santos

Finance Officer

Cadet Staff

Maj. Kristen Santos

Education and Training/Supply Officer

Lt. Col. Kelly Washington 

Drug Demand Reduction Officer

Capt. David Wing


1st Lt. Adrian Wright

 Cadet Activities Officer


Deputy Commander for Seniors

​1st Lt. Adrian Wright

IT/Web Security Officer

Maj Victor Santos

Emergency Services/Alerting Officer